#01 The G Quest Begins!
#02 Special Aqua Force

The G Quest finally begins! And the first location Chrono and the rest are challenging is the Magallanica Branch! The special team that appears at the spirited venue consists of none other than his good friend: Jaime, and the man known as the Clan Master, Leon.
'Cardfight!! Vanguard'
The card game with millions of players all over the world, is always thrilling people and nurturing bonds...

Chrono Shindou's fate of isolation was greatly changed by his experience with Vanguard through the unknown clan, 'Gear Chronicle'.
Shion Kiba holds his head up high in his pursuit of his own possibilities.
Tokoha Anjou has accepted herself for who she is, and is forming her own path to the future.
The members of Team TRY3 stay strong to the Vanguard they believe in, and head down the path towards maturity together.

This autumn will mark the opening of a major event organized by the Federation of International Vanguard Associations, known as the 'G Quest'.
Those who conquer the 6 Branch Quests will be honored with the title 'Generation Master', and the chance to become a Clan Leader.
The three members of TRY3 are all fired up by the new goal ahead of them, but behind the scenes, a massive plot that would lead to the destruction of Vanguard has been set in motion...

What is this 'Plan-G' that Kouji Ibuki is devising to achieve his mission about?
What future will Chrono and the rest achieve through their new encounters!?
The G Quest will see Legend class fighters such as Toshiki Kai, Ren Suzugamori and Leon Soryu taking part!

The fight for a new era begins now!

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