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How to enjoy Anisong World Matsuri

Matsuri T-shirt $20
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This T shirt is based on the idea of “happi coat”, a traditional costume in Japan worn during matsuri (Japanese festivals)! The big kanji “matsuri” is hugely printed in the back.
All lineup for Anisong World Matsuri are also printed, making it a memorable shirt.
We look forward seeing you wearing this Matsuri T-shirt to our event!
Matsuri Penlight $30
This deluxe 12 color light stick is a must item that will definitely make you enjoy live more!
Red→White→Light Pink→Pink→Passion Pink→Violet→Blue→Pastel Blue→Emerald Green→Green→Yellow→Orange
Matsuri T-shirt + Matsuri Penlight $45
Image is for illustration purposes only. Please understand the specifications and the colors may be slightly different and these should only be used as an approximate guide.