Artist Lineup

Nine of Japan's top anime theme song artists will be performing over the course of two days at Anime Expo 2016. Check out the lineup of artists and their exclusive video messages!

Japan Super Live

For one night only, attendees will get the chance to see multiple anime music artists and groups in one show. With JAM Project, T.M. Revolution, SPHERE, Yoko Ishida, Minami, Eir Aoi, and Luna Haruna, this star-studded concert is sure to be a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Japan Band Battle

Experience the thrilling head to head battle between FLOW, the rock band well known for opening themes for Naruto and Psalms of Planets Eureka seven, and OLDCODEX, the rock band well known for the opening theme of Kuroko's Basketball and GODEATER. Let the battle of the bands begin!

Matsuri Wish List: Vote for Your Songs!

Vote for the song you want to hear from your favorite artists.
The chosen songs may be performed at the event during AX. We can’t wait to see your choices!
The pole closes at midnight on June 25.

※Please note that there is a chance that event if a song is in the rankings, it may not be performed
※Please limit one vote per artist

Thank you for so many votes.
Will your request song be performed? See you at the concerts!
Eir Aoi
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JAM Project
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Luna Haruna
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Yoko Ishida
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