#01 Personal Entertainment AI! HACKADOLL!

Scrappy HACKADOLLs Nos. 1, 2, and 3 are seeking to debut as official personal entertainment AIs. However, they are so scrappy that they are lost for words, and end up using their physical bodies to directly improve the efficiency of their clients.



A "HACKADOLL" is a personal entertainment AI to improve the efficiency of a troubled mankind.
They are scrappy, but there's something that makes you unable to hate them as they devote themselves to solve the worries of various people!

Today, they're idols!
Tomorrow, they'll work at the convenience store!
The day after tomorrow, they're engineers!
And next an animation-production assistant... and a magical girl after that!?


Creation Year: 2015
Licensor: d-rights Inc.
Copyright: Ā©DeNAļ¼Hackadoll the Animation Project


Original Story: Hackadoll Team (DeNA)
Director/Character Designs: Ikuo Geso
Series Composition: Kanato Shinkoromozawa
Screenplay: Yutaka Sato (TRIGGER)
Music Production: DIVE II Entertainment
Production Studio: Creators in Pack
Production Assistance: TRIGGER
Produced by: HACKADOLL the Animation Production Committee


Hackadoll No. 1: Miyu Takagi
Hackadoll No. 2: Kaya Okuno
Hackadoll No. 3: Nanami Yamashita

Hackadoll No. 4: Reina Ueda
Hackadoll No. 0: Ryoka Yuzuki