Cardfight!! Vanguard G GIRS Crisis / STRIDE GATE



#01 The G Quest Begins!

Chrono Shindou and the rest of Team TRY3 teach a beautiful girl, Yumizuki Luna, how to play Vanguard at Card Capital #2. Just then, a broadcast is made by the Vanguard Promotion Association announcing the start of their big event, the G Quest!



'Cardfight!! Vanguard'

The card game with millions of players all over the world, is always thrilling people and nurturing bonds…

In the major event organized by the Federation of International Vanguard Associations, the 'Generation Quest', Chrono, Shion and Tokoha have overcome many trials to achieve victory as Team TRY3.

The Generation Quest has also been used to summon unit after unit of the <<Gear Chronicle>> Zodiac Time Beasts to Earth. When they have all been gathered under Ryuzu Myoujin, his terrible ambition will be fulfilled!

In order to protect the bonds they have with the units they love, Kouji Ibuki and his comrades take action to stop that ambition from coming to pass, but opposing them is a mysterious group that agrees with Ryuzu’s ideals and ambition, 'Company'.

What is Ryuzu’s ambition of a 'perfect future'?
The time has finally come for a direct confrontation, with their futures and beliefs on the line!!


Creation Year: 2015
Licensor: Bushiroad Inc.
Copyright: ©Project Vanguard G 2015/TV Tokyo


Original idea by:Takaaki Kidani
Original Comic Books Created by:Bushiroad
Akira Ito

Directed by:Yui Umemoto
Script Supervisor:Kiyoko Yoshimura
Card fight Supervisor:Satoshi Nakamura (Yuhodo)
Character Designs by:Mari Tominaga
Art Director:Teruhiko Niita
Color Designs by:Hiromi Miyawaki
Director of Photography:Takenari Kubo
Editor:Yayoi Ohtake
Music Composer:Mamoru Mori
Animation Production:TMS ENTERTAINMENT CO.,LTD.
Produced by:TV TOKYO Corporation /SOTSU CO.,LTD. /DENTSU INC. (Company Logo)


CHRONO:Mark Ishii
SHION:Jyunya Enoki
TOKOHA:Emi Nitta
KAMUI:Shizuka Ishikawa
KOUJI:Mamoru Miyano